These simple tales of the adventures of August and Elvie in New York, the White Mountains, on the Schooner Mary Ann and in the Green Mountains of Vermont are not unlike other easy reading tales from Jacob Abbott. Moralistic and gentle are a good description. And although the subject of "stealing" is discussed in book #1, it is still developed in Abbott's thoughtful way.

The four book series was printed by two publishers. The first and early editions were done by Dodd and Mead. The later copies were published by Thomas Y. Crowell and Company.

The book Hunter and Tom was first published in the Riverside Magazine - Volume II in 1868. The serialized version has 27 chapters in ten different issues. The Dodd and Mead publication has XXXVII chapters. The difference is that book chapters XVII through XXXV are not part of the Riverside Magazine version.

Dodd and Mead

The first editions were published by Dodd and Mead in 1871 and 1872. Reprints were published in 1873. There is no difference in the format of any Dodd and Mead book. The base of the title pages of the books have the publication date. The first editions of books #1-2 list volume 4 as being in preparation in the front series book list.

Both maroon, green and dark blue covers have been seen. The books are 6.75 x 5.

The books: Copyright First edition
Title page date
1. August and Elvie 1871 1871
2. Hunter and Tom 1871 1871
3. Schooner Mary Ann 1872 1872
4. Granville Valley 1872 1872

Shown below are the first editions for books #1-4

August and Elvie

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University Newton Gresham Library. (Thank you)

Hunter and Tom

Schooner and Mary Ann

Granville Valley

The 1873 books have identical covers to the earlier editions. The key difference is the title page which indicates an 1873 publication date.

The four books were still listed in Dodd and Mead catalogues until 1883.

Here is an 1876 edition.


Thomas Y. Crowell and Company

Crowell was the second and only other publisher of this four book series. It first published this four book boxed series in 1884. This firm continued to print this series until the mid-1890's. Thereafter there is no evidence that any other company published the August Stories and August and Elvie appear to have just faded away.

Crowell published this four book series in two formats. The exact dates are unknown.

Earlier Crowell Edition

Later Crowell Edition