This six book series was designed to be similar to the books of the first Rollo series except more for girls than for boys. Apparently the stories were not as popular as the Rollo books since only six books were published. The tales are quite simple as Rollo's cousin Lucy and her brother Royal survive the mid-nineteenth century.

The first four books were all copyrighted by T. H. Carter in 1841. Books #5 and #6 were copyrighted in 1842 by B. B. Mussey. All six books were first published in book form in 1842 by B. B. Mussey, a Boston publisher. Initially the first three books were published as a set. Later in 1842 the last three books completed the series.

Note that initially the author is listed as "By the Author of the Rollo Books" as opposed to Jacob Abbott. Starting in 1850 with the Derby and Miller published books, Abbott was printed on the spine although he was still not listed on the title page.

The books: (all first published in 1842)

  1. Cousin Lucy at Study
  2. Stories Told to Rollo's Cousin Lucy
  3. Cousin Lucy's Conversations
  4. Cousin Lucy at Play
  5. Cousin Lucy on the Sea-Shore
  6. Cousin Lucy Among the Mountains

As with many of Abbott's series, the books were published by a number of publishers.

  1. B.B. Mussey, Boston(1842-1845). This publisher printed all of the first editions
  2. Thomas H. Webb and Company, Boston (ca.1843)
  3. Gates, Stedman and Company, New York (1848-1849)
  4. Derby and Miller, Auburn, New York (1850)
  5. Clark, Austin and Company, New York (1852)
  6. Clark, Austin and Smith, New York (1853-1859)
  7. Clark, Austin, Maynard and Company, New York (1860-1862)
  8. Clark and Maynard, New York (1863-1866)
  9. Thomas Y. Crowell, New York (1880's)

The various publishers' formats are pictured below.

B.B. Mussey, Boston 1842-1845

Mussey published all six books in four straight years (1842,1843,1844,1845).











Thomas H. Webb and Company, Boston ca.1843

Thomas Webb published the primary series under the "sanction of the Board of Education of the State of Massachusetts". This series included all fourteen of the Rollo books as well as all six of the Cousin Lucy books.

The exact date of the Primary Series publication is unclear (probably 1843). The books are 6.25 x 4.25.


Gates, Stedman and Company, New York 1848-1849




1849 - Earlier

1849 - Later

1849 - Variant

Combination Book (1849)

In 1849 Gates, Stedman and Company published books with two Lucy stories. Here is an example of a book that contained both Lucy's Conversations and Lucy's Stories. Interestingly this book names Jacob Abbott as the author on the title page. This is the only book that notes Abbott as the author with the exception of the Crowell published books (in the 1880's).

I suspect that the other four Lucy books were also published as combination books in 1849 but I am not certain.

Combination Book (1849)


Derby and Miller, Auburn, New York 1850

There is no known priority between the three 1850 formats shown below.




1850 Variant

1850 Variant


Clark, Austin and Company, New York 1852



Clark, Austin and Smith, New York 1853-1859







Clark, Austin, Maynard & Co., New York 1860-1862



Clark and Maynard 1863-1866






1866 (Variant)


Variant- Not dated


Thomas Y. Crowell and Company, New York

Crowell published this six book series first in 1883. In the early 1890's Crowell combined the six books into three. By the late 1890's this publisher was no longer printing the Lucy books.