Allan Bell and Company, London

This firm published Abbott titles beginning in 1836. I have not seen any Abbott publications dated after 1837.

In 1836 Bell initially printed a five book set of "pocket volumes".

Later in "Bell's Jacob Abbott Series" there appear to have been ten miniature (3.25 x 2.25 books). Their contents are abridged from the original American publications. Four different formats have been noted.

One (1) has blindstamped cloth books with gold gilt edges and gold gilt titles and decorations on their spines. A second (2) has blindstamped green cloth, gold gilt edges and a gold gilt title on the spine. Another (3) has a cover identical to the title page. A fourth (4) is leather with an embossed pattern. I am unable to determine priorities or even which books had which covers.

It is unclear whether the "pocket volumes" were subsumed into the Jacob Abbott Series or whether they were absolutely separate.

Here are the titles that I know were miniature books as part of the later series.

(Numbered volumes are noted)

Parental Duties in the Promotion of Early Piety #1
Young Christian miniature 1836 #2
The Teacher # 6
China and the English #8 1836
Little Philosopher 1836
Mother at Home (written by John S. C. Abbott) 1836
Child at Home (written by John S. C. Abbott) 1836
Every Day Duty
Way to do Good (One reference noted that this title replaced Every Day Duty at one point)
The Corner-Stone 1837
The Fireside 1836

Apparently the ten volumes were sold as a boxed set in the green pebbled cloth format.

In 1836 the Young Christian was sold as a two shilling book "in fancy boards". This was probably not a miniature book.

Some of the formats of the miniature books:

Format 1

Format 2 Boxed Set ( From the Miniature Book Society Newsletter June , 2008. An article by Msgr. Francis J. Weber.)

Format 3

Format 4 China and the English 1836