Ingram, Cooke and Co.// Nathaniel Cooke, London

Ingram, Cooke and Co, published Abbott's "Histories of Youth" in 1853. This consisted of reprints of several of the Abbott biographies.

Alexander the Great
Alfred the Great
William the Conqueror

By October, 53 Nathaniel Cooke, late of Ingram, Cooke and Co., was advertising a new illustrated edition of "Jacob Abbott's Histories". This set was authorized by the author and had a special preface to English readers from Abbott. There were to be two series of 12 volumes each. One was the Ancient Series and the other was the English Series.

How many of the 24 books were published is unclear. It did publish the following in 1853 and 1854.

Cooke's Abbott Histories (12 mo. cloth)
1. History of Pyrrhus- (Noted as Ancient Series in October, 1853 ad)
2. History of Alexander the Great
3. History of Darius
4. History of Xerxes the Great
5. History of Cyrus the Great
6. History of Alfred the Great - (Noted as English Series in October, 1853 ad)
7. History of William the Conqueror

Abbott's Romulus and Nero were published by Cooke in 1854 in 32 mo. cloth.
1. History of Romulus
2. History of Nero