Darton and Co., London

The English Darton publishing firms had their origins in the 18th century with W. Darton and Co. The earliest connection to Jacob Abbott was in 1834 when W. Darton and Son published The Teacher. This publisher one year later printed a 64 page excerpt from the Young Christian, The Friend.

William Darton 1819-
William Darton and Son 1830-
Darton and Clark 1836-
Darton and Co. 1845-
Darton and Hodge 1862-1866
Darton and Co. (New iteration) 1866-

(For an extensive look at the history of the Darton publishing house history see: http://www.indiana.edu/~liblilly/etexts/darton/)

Darton Abbott books

The Teacher - William Darton and Son - 12 mo. 1834

The Friend 1835

Early Piety - Darton and Clark

Rollo in Switzerland - Darton and Co. 1854

Bruno; or, the Life of a Dog - 1855 Darton and Co. (As part of Darton's Holiday Library)
Bruno; or, the Life of a Dog - 1864 Darton and Hodge (as part of Darton's Holiday Library)

(This was first published as Volume I in the Harper Story Book Series published first by Harper and Brothers in 1854)

Historical Tales for the Young Darton and Co. 1858 (It is unclear what the contents of this book are.)