Hodder and Stoughton, London

In 1844 Mr. Hodder was apprenticed to the firm of Jackson and Walford. In 1861 Hodder bought a third interest in the aforementioned firm which thereafter was called Jackson, Walford and Hodder. Hodder and Stoughton was formed in 1868 when Jackson and Walford retired.

This firm published a 444 page "Franconia Stories" in 1870. This volume included Caroline, Stuvyesant, and Agnes.

In 1883 Hodder and Stoughton published the four book series "Jacob Abbott's Stories". These books are 8 vo. (6.75 x 4.75) cloth. Red and green covers have been seen.

1. Juno and Georgie
2. Mary Osbourne
3. Juno on a Journey
4. Hubert