James S. Hodson, London

This English company reprinted the first six books from the Rollo Series. It also reprinted editions of Hoaryhead and the Valley Below, Early Piety, Cornerstone and Gems of Wisdom.

The first two Rollo books (Learning to Read and Learning to Talk) were published by Hodson in 1836. This was only one year after the first editions of these titles were published by John Allen in America. In 1839 Rollo at Play and Rollo at Work were published. Later in 1839 School was published and in 1840 Vacation was printed.

(I believe that these were the first UK Rollo's)

The first four Hodson Rollo books were reprinted numerous times into the late 1840's.

Hodson Rollo books:

Little Scholar Learning to Talk
Rollo Learning to Read
Rollo at Play
Rollo at Work
Rollo at School
Rollo's Vacation

The Rollo books are 16 mo square.

Other Hodson books:

Early Piety 32 mo.

Hoaryhead 18 mo.

Cornerstone 12 mo.

Gems of Wisdom 18 mo.