Frederick Warne, London

Warne left Routledge, Warne and Routledge in 1865 where he had been a named partner since 1851. Warne began publishing Jacob Abbott books in 1872 when it printed "The Henrys: Franconia Stories" in its Home Sunshine Library. This book included three Franconia stories: Stuveysant, Agnes and Caroline. Earlier in 1870 Hodder and Stoughton had published a book with these same three titles. Stuyvesant was published as a single title in 1872. Later Warne published Stuveysant, Caroline and Agnes as separate titles in its Round the Globe Library.

Jacob Abbott books

Stuyvesant, a Franconia Story 18 mo. (1872)
The “Round the Globe library”. These books are 8 vo. cloth and gilt. The Abbott books were included in this series from approximately 1874-1878.
Stuyvesant; or, Home Adventures
Caroline; or, The Henrys
Agnes; or, Summer in the Hills

Within the “Home Sunshine Library”
The Henrys: Franconia Stories (12 mo. cloth) 1872