Fireside Series (Abbott's Series)

1. Fire-Side Piety- Jacob Abbott
2. Mother's Friend- Edited but not written by Jacob Abbott
3. China and the English- Jacob Abbott
4. Real Dialogues on the Evidences of Christianity - Clergyman of the Church of England (Edited by John S. C. Abbott)
5. Pastor's Daughter- From reminiscences of the conversations of a late divine. (Written by Rev Payson and his daughter Louise.)

Leavitt, Lord and Company, New York /Crocker and Brewster, Boston 1834-1836

The two series -Fireside Series and Abbott's Series are not actually different series. The 1834 books  (Volumes 1-2) have no mention of the Fireside Series on their 1834 title pages but do have Abbott's Series printed on their spines. Thereafter starting in 1835 all five of the books have " prepared for Abbott's Fire-Side Series" on their title pages but also frequently have "Abbott's Series" printed on the spines. Thus initially perhaps this was one series in 1834 but starting in 1835 there was only one series with two names. By later in 1835 only the Fireside Series was noted in ads. Abbott's Series was no longer mentioned.

Ads in November, 1834 which mention book #3 only cite Abbott's Series not the Fireside Series.

The first four books were copyrighted in 1834 by Leavitt, Lord and Company. The first edition of Volumes #1 has an 1834 title page. The first editions of Volumes #2, 3 and 4 have title pages with 1835.

Volume #3 originally was to be named Sketches of China but by the publication date it was named China and the English.

Book #4 Real Dialogues was only published in 1835. No later publications have been seen.

Book #5 Pastor's Daughter was copyrighted and published by Leavitt, Lord and Company in 1835.

(All of the Leavitt, Lord and Company books are 6.25 x 4)

Book #1- First Edition (1834)

Book #2- First Edition (1835)

Book #3- First Edition (1835)


H. and E. Phinney 1841-1843

Books #1, 2, and 3 were published as the Fireside Series by H. and E. Phinney in 1841 and 1843.
1. Fire-Side Piety
2. Mother's Friend
3. China and the English

(6" x 4")


William Holdredge 1851

When William Holdredge, a New York publisher, published Abbott's Fireside Series next in 1851, books #2, 4 and 5 were no longer included. Holdredge did have (non-Abbott) books in a Fireside Series at that time. (All those titles are unknown except for Gems by the Wayside by Mrs. L. G. Abell and Woman in Her Various Relations also by Mrs. L. G. Abell). The two "Fireside Series" are different.

(6.75 x 4.5)

Holdredge Series:
1. Fire-Side Piety
2. China and the English


R. T. Young 1853

This New York firm published Abbott's Fireside Piety and Abbott's China and the English in 1853. The two Abell books that Holdredge published Gems by the Wayside by Mrs. L. G. Abell and Woman in Her Various Relations were also reprinted at this time by Young. It is unclear whether or not these books are part of the same Fireside Series.


J. M. Fairchild & Company 1855

This New York Firm published the Fireside Series in 1855. It included the same books as the R.T. Young firm did. Again, it is unclear whether there were one or two Fireside Series.

The Fireside Piety book was published in two formats. One in cloth for 60 cents. The other with gilt edges and sides for $1.00. Both are 18 mo.

China and the English is 18 mo. and only published in cloth and gilt for 63 cents.