This series of books is an eclectic group consisting of biographies, tales for children, instructive treatises and much more. The stories are  all 160 pages and came in three formats. They were released monthly beginning in December, 1854 in paperback versions. Hard cover single books were released in 1857. 

Also in 1857 the thirty six books were bound in twelve volumes each of which contained three stories.  As a set all twelve three story volumes were sold for twelve dollars. They have been seen in blue and brown.

They are numbered below. Each three volume bound book included the groupings of books are as shown below.

The exact month and year that the paperback edition was published is also noted.

Format 1. Paperback book. 6.75 x 5.75.
Here is the March, 1856 Story Book - John True.

Format 2. This is an example of the single title hard cover book.
Carl and Jocko is title XXVIII (28) of the 36. 6.50 x 5.25.

Format 3. Here are the three title volumes. These have been seen in both blue and brown. These volumes include three title pages and three copyright pages. 6.75 x 5.5.

Volume 1
I. Bruno December, 1854
II. Willie and the Mortgage January, 1855
III. Strait Gate February, 1855
Volume 2
IV. Little Louvre March, 1855
V. Prank April, 1855
VI. Emma May, 1855
Volume 3
VII. Virginia June, 1855
VIII. Timboo and Joliba July, 1855
IX. Timboo and Fanny August, 1855
Volume 4
X. Harper Establishment September, 1855
XI. Franklin, the Apprentice Boy October, 1855
XII. Studio November, 1855
Volume 5
XIII. Story of Ancient History December, 1855
XIV. Story of English History January, 1856
XV. Story of American History February, 1856
Volume 6
XVI. John True March, 1856
XVII. Elfred April, 1856
XVIII. Museum May, 1856
Volume 7
XIX. Engineer June, 1856
XX. Rambles among the Alps July, 1856
XXI. Three Gold Dollars August, 1856
Volume 8
XXII. Gibraltar Gallery September, 1856
XXIII. Alcove October, 1856
XXIV. Dialogues November, 1856
Volume 9
XXV. Great Elm December, 1856
XXVI. Aunt Margaret January, 1857
XXVII. Vernon February, 1857
Volume 10
XXVIII. Carl and Jocko March, 1857
XXIX. Lapstone April, 1857
XXX. Orkney, the Peacemaker May, 1857
Volume 11
XXXI. Judge Justin June, 1857
XXXII. Minigo July, 1857
XXXIII. Jasper August, 1857
Volume 12
XXXIV. Congo September, 1857
XXXV. Viola and Her Littler Brother October, 1857
XXXVI. Little Paul November, 1857