Hawaiian Publications by Jacob Abbott

As of this time, three Hawaiian language books are known to have Jacob Abbott contributions.

O ke Akeakamai no Na Kamilii 1837

This book is a translation by Ephraim W. Clark of The Little Philosopher, for schools and families. (Boston, 1833). It was published by the Lahainaluna Press.

Since the Little Philosopher has 180 pages, it is obvious that these translations only contain part of the original book. My translation skills are not good enough to know what is present and what has been deleted.

The books are 12 mo.

There were three translated editions published by the Lahainaluna Press.

One book contains only nine chapters and has 24 pages. (1837)

A later issue has chapters 10-12 and has 32 pages. This was an edition of 2000 copies.

The complete work has fourteen chapters and 39 pages.

He Kuhikuhi

Several copies were published. Since there is evidence of only one Bible Class Book written by Abbott and Fiske , it is unclear why the translations claim to be based on Bible Class Books I, II, and III. Further clarification is necessary.

In 1834 a translation by Lorrin Andrews Bible Class Book, Book I. Two hundred copies were published by the Lahainaluna Press. It is 8 vo. with 64 pages. The preface is dated May 5, 1834.

(For information on Lorrin Andrews (1795-1868) see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lorrin_Andrews)

In 1839 a translation by Samuel Whitney of the Bible Class Book, Book II written by Jacob Abbott and Nathan Welby Fiske was published by the Lahainaluna Press. It is 12 mo. and 35 pages.

In 1840 Abbott and Fiske's Bible Class Book III was published by the Lahainaluna Press in an edition of 500 copies. This copy was 12 mo. and 40 pages. Five hundred copies were published.

Ke Ao Heluhelu 1842

This is a 12 mo. 340 page school reader. It was compiled by Rev. Jonathan S. Green with an introduction by Lorrin Andrews.

In Chapter 4 Ke Kaao no Louisa (The Ale of Louisa) was adapted from Jacob Abbott's Young Christian. One Thousand Copies of this book were published by the Lahainaluna Press.