This four book series is another of Abbott's efforts to weave moral and religious lessons into simple childhood adventures. Juno, Georgie, Hubert, and a young Mary Osborne all teach the reader about how simple play can teach the principles of right or wrong, etc. Original descriptions note that these books were for Sunday-Schools and were similar in writing to the Franconia Series.

The series consists of four books which were published by two firms.

The books:
1. Juno and Georgie- Copyright 1870
2. Mary Osborne- Copyright 1870
3. Juno on a Journey- Copyright 1870
4. Hubert- Copyright 1870

Dodd and Mead

All four books were first published in 1870. There is no evidence that Dodd and Mead published this series in more than one format. The books are 7 x 4.75 and were sold for $1.25 each.



Thomas Y. Crowell and Company

In 1884 Crowell first published this four book series. Two formats have been seen. Priority between them has not been established. The books sold for $1.25 each.



Mary Osborne excerpts

Monroe's Fifth Reader by Lewis B. Monroe, Cowperthwait, 1871

There are two Jacob Abbott contributions in this little reader: Chapters III and IV- Stoning the Frogs and Stoning the Frogs, Part Second.

These chapters come directly from Mary Osborne. The two chapters noted above are identical to Chapter II Learning a Lesson and Chapter III The Lesson Learned.