Duties of Parents, in Regard to the Schools where their Children are Instructed

"The Introductory Discourses and the Lectures Delivered Before the American Institute". Carter, Hendee and Co., Boston 1835.

The lectures within this volume were given in Boston in August, 1834. "Duties" is Lecture III. Of interest, as is noted below, in the contents Abbott's lecture is shown as "Lecture IV". There is a numbering error however in the table of contents such that there is no Lecture number II. So Abbott's lecture is listed as No. IV in the contents but as No. III in the body of the book. The lecture is 18 pages long in the bound volume.

"Duties" was published as a monograph by Tuttle and Weeks in 1834.

Jacob Abbott delivered several lectures to the American Institute of Instruction. These lectures were subsequently bound into volumes which contained all the lectures that were presented during a session. Abbott was an officer within this organization in the position of "censor" between 1831 and 1834.