Bible Class Book: Designed for Bible Classes, Sabbath Schools and Families

This little monograph was written by Jacob Abbott and N.W. (Nathan Welby) Fiske. Both Fiske and Abbott were professors at Amherst College when this book was written.

This book is apparently number one of two. It is also noted to be Scripture History.

A number two published the following year (ca. 1830) is reported to be subtitled Scripture Duties. No information is available about the latter book.

Here is the print history of the Bible Class Book

1828 A 23 page version was published by J. S. and C. Adams.

1829 T. R. Marvin for the Massachusetts Sabbath School Union. 35 pages. (This publisher printed both the second and third editions in 1829)

1832 Massachusetts Sunday School Union. 36 pages.

Hawaiian translations.

He Kuhikuhi

Several Hawaiian language copies were published. Since there is evidence of only one (at most 2) Bible Class Books written by Abbott and Fiske , it is unclear why the translations claim to be based on Bible Class Books I, II, and III. Further clarification is necessary.

In 1834 there was a translation by Lorrin Andrews -- Bible Class Book, Book I. Two hundred copies were published by the Lahainaluna Press. It is 8 vo. with 64 pages. The preface is dated May 5, 1834.

(For information on Lorrin Andrews (1795-1868) see

In 1839 a translation by Samuel Whitney of the Bible Class Book, Book II written by Jacob Abbott and Nathan Welby Fiske was published by the Lahainaluna Press. It is 12 mo. and 35 pages.

In 1840 Abbott and Fiske's Bible Class Book III was published by the Lahainaluna Press in an edition of 500 copies. This copy was 12 mo. and 40 pages. Five hundred copies were published.