Biography for Young Persons

Biography for Young Persons, designed to illustrate the Triumphs of Genius and Perseverance.

In 1830 the Boston publisher L.C. Bowles advertised the beginning of a series of biographies for youth. They were to be "compiled by an experienced person".

It is unclear how many of these biographies were written. It is clear that Jacob Abbott wrote the first one in 1830. Number 2 is noted in a Bowles ad but no information about the contents or authorship is known.

Editions of Biographies with 144, 149 and 158 pages have been seen. Whether these are different 1830 editions of the same book or different biographies altogether is unclear at this time.

The first book in the series advertises that it contains biographies of a number of notable historic men and women: Gutenberg(Guttemberg), Caxton, John Prideaux and others.