The New Testament of Our Lord and Savior

This Bible was first published by Crocker and Brewster in 1842. It was edited by both Jacob and his brother John S. C. and was 12 mo. and had 586 pages. It was still being published by this firm as late as 1868.

Subsequently beginning in 1878 editions were published by Henry S. Goodspeed and Company as well as other subscription book publishers. These books had 636 pages.

Other editions that were published later and edited by Lyman Abbott and were called The Pictorial New Testament had as many as 969 pages.

Published between 1878-1881. Henry S. Goodspeed and Co., New York

James Robinson, Pittsburgh, Pa.
This Bible was copyrighted in 1878 by Goodspeed (Inscription February, 1880)

O. A. Browning and Co., Toledo (Copyright 1878 Goodspeed)

N. D. Thompson & Co., St. Louis (Copyright 1878 by Goodspeed)

Copyrighted in 1881 (Lyman Abbott was the editor)- 969 pages

Here is an advertising cover which promotes this book. It refers to the Pictorial New Testament in which Lyman Abbott was the editor. This would date the envelope sometime after 1881.