The Way to do Good

This title was published in 1836 as a non series book initially. Later it became the third book in the Harper and Brothers' Young Christian Series. William Peirce and later H. and E. Phinney (Phinney and Company) published the non series editions.

It was considered a sequel of the Young Christian and Corner-Stone.

1836 William Peirce, Boston (First edition)

Whipple and Damrell ca. 1837-1841

Although not yet proven, it is very likely that editions of The Way to do Good were published in the same years and in the same format as the Phinney published copies of the Young Christian and Corner-stone. This would mean there were additional copies dated 1847, 1850 and 1852.

1845 H. and E. Phinney, Cooperstown, New York

1851 Phinney and Company, Buffalo

1851 Variant