The Young Christian

This book was published by a number of publishers in non-series form in addition to the editions that were part of the Young Christian Series published by Harper and Brothers. (

The Young Christian was one of the earliest and certainly one of the most popular of all of Abbott's books. Abbott stated in the preface "This book is intended to explain and illustrate, in a simple manner, the principles of Christian duty... This book was "designed as a children's guide to religion and morality". This title made Jacob Abbott one of the popular authors in America.

The first edition was published in 1832 by Peirce and Parker, a Boston firm. Various other issues are noted and shown below.

Peirce and Parker, Boston 1832- First Edition (8 x 5.75)

Peirce and Parker, Boston 1833

William Peirce, Boston 1833 (7.5 x 4.75)

John P. Haven, New York 1833 (7.5 x 4.75)

John P. Haven, New York 1833 (7.75 x 4.75). This is a later 1833 Haven edition.

John P. Haven, New York 1834 (7.75 x 5.25)

This book has two title pages. The second one shown below has an imprint that included Wm. Peirce, John P. Haven and Henry Perkins.

The two 1834 imprints noted below are in all likelihood the same book as noted above.

William Peirce, Boston 1834

Henry Perkins, Philadelphia 1834

Henry Perkins, Philadelphia 1835 (8 x 5)

William Peirce, Boston 1835 (Second Stereotyped Edition) (7.4 x 4.75)

William Peirce, Boston 1836

Whipple and Damrell ca. 1837-1841

Crocker and Brewster, Boston 1841

(Although I am listing the Phinney books here, in reality Phinney published the first three books of the Young Christian Series in a similar format. Thus, the Young Christian is actually part of a Phinney series)

H. and E. Phinney, Cooperstown, NY 1845

Phinney and Company, Buffalo, New York 1850

Phinney and Company, Buffalo, New York 1851

Phinney and Company, Buffalo, New York 1852

American Tract Society, New York

The ATS published this title in a number of formats . Although an 1832 publication date is frequently claimed, the earliest copies printed by the ATS were published in 1836, 1837 and 1838. This firm published this title into the 1870's.

Although the ATS editions can rarely be dated exactly, there are certain points which can be used to distinguish earlier editions from later ones.

The first three formats were published between 1836 and the late 1840's

Format 1- 1836-1841-
a. 395 pages
b. Fanshaw noted as printer on the title page
c. Address is No. 150 Naussau-Street (Later editions do not have No. preceding the 150).
d. Does not say revised edition on the title page

Format 2 (prior to 1846)
Same as Format 1 except the title page has "revised edition" on it

Format 3
Same as Format 2 except Fanshaw is no longer stated as printer.
Also the "No." is no longer written before the 150 Nassau-Street.

The following formats started in the late 1840's.

Format 4
- Copyright page says "Rights of publishing transferred to the American Tract Society". 394 pages

Format 5
Same as Format 4 but the Introduction first page has II. Style and Language on its first page. 394 pages

This book can be dated accurately. On the last page of advertisements there are American Tract Society addresses in various cities. The Society was at 929 Chestnut-Street Philadelphia address between 1858-1865. In Chicago the address for the Society in 1864-1865 was 170 South-Clark Street. Thus this book was published in 1864-1865.

Some other points of interest:

Between 1841 and 1844 the Young Christian was #32 in the Christian Library.

By 1845 the American Tract Society had sold more than 29,000 copies of this title.

In 1857 this title was part of the 70 volume Youth's Library.

The American Tract Society continued to publish this title into the 1870's.