Harper's New Monthly Magazine Contributions (1851-1870's)

Jacob Abbott wrote numerous articles and essays for Harper's New Monthly Magazine. They are chronologically listed below. A number of the actual articles are displayed.

Novelty Works Volume II May, 1851 pp. 721-734
Life and Death Boats and Life Cars Volume. III July 1851 pp. 161-171
Battle of the Nile Volume IV pp.181
Holy Land Memoirs Volumes V, VI, and VII pp. 289, 433, 577, 721; pp. 145, 289; 1
Early and Private Life of Benjamin Franklin Volume IV- January, 1852 pp. 145-165
Public Life of Benjamin Franklin Volume IV- February, 1852 pp. 289-309
Rodolphus-A Franconia Story Volume IV, March ,1852 pp. 433, 577, 721
The Armory at Springfield Volume V July, 1852 pp. 145-161
New Theory of Heat Volume XXIX pp.322
Military Pyrotechnics in Former Days Volume XXXIX pp. 35
Memoir of Babylon Volume XXXVI pp. 162
The Freaks of Lightning No. XXXVIII- April, 1869 pp. 577
Deep Sea Sounding Volume XXXVIII May , 1869 pp.843
New Theory of Heat Volume XXXIX pp. 322
The Spots in the Sun Volume XL May, 1870 pp. 818-825
Negative in Photography Volume XLI November, 1870 pp. 845-848
Mysteries of a Thunder Shower Volume XLI June, 1870 pp. 21-34
Ocean Steamer Volume XLI July, 1870 pp. 185-195
Electric Light Volume XLI July, 1870 pp. 354-358
Spectroscope Volume XLI October, 1870 pp. 720-723
Inveigling Nature into Disclosure of Her Secrets Volume XLII, December, 1870 pp.78
Nature of Light and Air Volume XLII pp. 78
Stricken Heart Volume XLIII pp 877
Numbering of Sonorous Vibrations Volume XLV pp. 844
Telegraph Volume XLVII pp. 332