This three book series was published by George W. Childs, a Philadelphia firm, in 1863 and 1864. These are the only Abbott books that Childs published.

The series was subsequently reprinted by Dodd and Mead in 1870.

Each book contains numerous poems that were chosen to either help a youngster learn to listen and sound out words  or to enunciate words on his/her own. 

Jacob Abbott wrote some of the poems and selected others from various sources.

The books:
1. The Rocking Horse; or, The Rollo and Lucy First Book of Poetry
2. Carlo; or, The Rollo and Lucy Second Book of Poetry
3. Canary Bird; or, The Rollo and Lucy Third Book of Poetry

All three books were copyrighted in 1863. The first editions of the three books have 1863 on the George W. Childs' title page.



Dodd & Mead, 1870 (7 x 4.75)