This two book series was published by John Allen and Company in 1835. It was the original intent of the publisher to add four or five volumes year to this series. There is however no evidence that this series ever had more than the two books shown here.

The first book, Leisure Hours, contains a collection of essays and tales from various English publications. There are no contributions from Jacob Abbott. The stories are designed to lift the social character of the reader. It is copyrighted in 1834 but the first edition has 1835 on the title page

The second book, New England and Her Institutions, is a compilation of various stories with very little connection to each other. Jacob Abbott and Professor Andrews revised this book which was originally written in part by Abbott's brother John S. C. Abbott. Jacob Abbott wrote chapters ix and xii. It was copyrighted in 1835 and the first edition has the 1835 date at the base of the title page.

The books: Copyright First edition
Title page
1. Leisure Hours - By an Association of Gentlemen 1834 1835
2. New England and Her Institutions- One of Her Sons 1835 1835