The Rollo Story Book Series is a twelve book series of stories which are actually reprints of chapters from Rollo at Work and Rollo at Play. These small (6.25 x 4.25) books have the same dimensions as the original Rollo books.

This series was published initially by Phillips, Sampson and Company and then was reprinted in several editions by Sheldon and Company.

Books #1-6 when combined are the Rollo at Work book in its totality. Books #7-12 are made up of parts of Rollo at Play. The page numbering of the "Story Books" is essentially the same as the Rollo books. Thus, Rollo at Play which has 191 pages is made up of six Story Books each have about 32 pages each.

Below are the contents from Rollo at Work and for Rollo at Play. Note how each listed story in the Contents is the same as a book in this series.

The books:
1. Labor Lost
2. Two Wheelbarrows
3. Causey Building
4. Rollo's Garden
5. Apple gathering
6. Georgie
7. Rollo in the Woods
8. Steeple Trap
9. Halo Around the World
10. Freshet
11. Blue-Berrying
12. Trouble on the Mountains

Phillips, Sampson and Company first published the set of 12 books in 1857. Subsequently Sheldon and Company published editions in 1862, 1863, 1864,1866, 1869 and 1871.

Phillips, Sampson and Company 1857

There is no evidence that this publisher printed more than one edition of these Story Books. The covers have been seen in red, brown, and blue. The books are 6.5 x 4.


Sheldon and Company

All the Sheldon editions are 6.25 x 4.

The earliest Sheldon and Company editions have an undated title page. They were co-published with Gould and Lincoln. The Sheldon address on the the books is 115 Nassau Street in New York. Sheldon was at that address between 1854 and 1862. These books were most likely published in 1862.


First Sheldon edition-ca. 1862