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Armeno-Turkish Publication

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Abbott books were translated into a number of languages. Often this was to help Christian missionaries. Here is an example.

The Young Christian was published by a Smyrna, Turkey firm in 1844. It is titled:
Tinin tʻēmēlli pōrchlarěněn kēnch kʻristoneayē tʻarifi

The imprint is Kuliēlmos Kṛifitʻin Pasmakhanēsintē tʻap ōlunmushtur, 1844
The book is written in Armeno-Turkish script.

(See this interesting article about the Armeno-Turkish language:

It is 12 mo. and 350 pages. A total of 2000 copies were published.

It was published under the direction of American Missionaries.

A John S. C. Abbott book-Mother at Home was also published by this same missionary group. It was written/published in “modern Armenian” in the same era.

I am unable to translate this book’s publisher name or the actual title.
Here is the title page and a sample page of text.

Anyone who can translate this page–please contact me.

W. W. Darling, Edinburgh

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Numerous English publishers reprinted Abbott’s works in the 1830-1900.

Probably the most commonly published title was The Young Christian. This book was published by W. W. Darling, an Edinburgh firm. It was “revised and corrected” by William Darling.

Hurst and Company

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Hurst and Company published Rollo’s Tour in Europe in a number of different series.

Here is a new cover from the Boy’s Own Library. This series included all ten titles and was published starting in 1906.

The covers have an appliqué which is unrelated to the title and/or series. Several covers are shown below. All of this series’ books were published with dust jackets.

Rollo in London Rollo in Naples
Rollo in Holland Rollo in Geneva

Harlie Stories

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This six book series was published by four different published.

R. Worthington/ Worthington Co. was one of those publishers. It published this series in two formats.

In 1882 R. Worthington published all six Harlie titles in a boxed set. They are cloth 16 mo. square with gold gilt lettering.

Later two Harlie books were part of this firm’s Franklin Series (1888). One was called the Harlie Stories and contained the French Flower, Harlie’s Letter and Friskie, The Pony. It also printed “Abbott’s Stories for Children” as part of the Franklin Series. The latter Harlie book included three Harlie titles: Wild Peggie, The New Shoes and The Sea Shore.

1882 edition

Franklin Edition