Abbott's Illustrated Biographies / Makers of History

Jacob and his brother John S. C. Abbott wrote a number of biographies that were published in various sets and series between 1848 and the 1920's. At least nineteen publishers printed some of the biographies. Most of the firms either published twenty or thirty-two volumes but several houses published only a few titles in various publisher's series.

Harper and Brothers published all the first editions. Between 1848 and the mid-1890's no other company printed any of these biographies. In many of the later printings some of the John S. C. Abbott authored books are listed as being written by Jacob Abbott. This discrepancy is noted in the individual publishers' section.

The series had a number of names. The early series were called the Illustrated Biographies whereas the later ones were the Makers of History.

Below is a list of publishers that are known to have published an Abbott biography. Click on any company name for more information about that firm's Abbott biographies.

John B. Alden
W. L. Allison Company-- Abbott's Historical Series (Late 1890's)
Henry Altemus Company-- Multiple Series between 1899-1933
Brunswick Subscription Company- Famous Characters of History (1916-1919)
A. L. Burt Company- Franklln Series of Biography (1900-1903), Cornell Series (1904)
Circle Publishing Company- Makers of History (1908-1909)
Donohue Brothers- Abbott Historical Series (1900)
Federal Book Company- Multiple Series between 1902 and 1904
A. L. Fowle- Makers of History (1906)
Harper and Brothers- Illustrated Histories (1848-1902), Makers of History (1902-1904)
J. A. Hill - Makers of History (1904)
Leslie-Judge Company - Makers of History (1910's)
Log Cabin Press - Log Cabin Series (1920's)
F.M. Lupton Publishing Company- Multiple Series in 1900-1902
D. M. MacLellan Book Company- Everybody's Books Series(1910's)
John D. Morris and Company- Makers of History (1904)
St. Hubert Guild, New York- Famous Characters of History (1906)
Superior Printing Company, Akron- Makers of History/Superior Library (1914)
Thompson and Thomas, Chicago
Werner Company (New Werner Company), Akron- Makers of History, Famous Queens of History, Famous Rulers of History (1907-1910), Best Books Series